Mauretta Heinzelmann (violin, trombone, composition, voice), born in Munich 1965, grew up in a climate of arts: her mother and grandmother were dancers, her father director and translator of music theatre and opera, her great grand father was opera singer in Vienna and her grandfather was actor in Peter Stein's famous ensemble.
Mauretta loved painting, dancing, cinema, writing and music as a child and a creative climate like this is still natural for her. She plays violin since the age of eight and has played chamber music and orchestra music. She has a Magister Artium in musicology and Russian philology from University of Hamburg (1993) and studied in Vienna from 1987 to 1990.

In 1986 she began to study the trombone which she has played in several professional bands and now mostly in her duo MARIE CLAIRE - switching between violin and trombone.

Her musical essence is very much influenced by her first Jazz teacher John Tchicai, whom she worked with in several workshops and projects during the eighties. She is still enthusiastic about his musical humour, warmth and honesty. Soulful Openness, spiritual depth and compositional creativity are still some of Mauretta's landmarks in her music.

Further important teachers and collegues were Howard Johnson, Uli Scherer, David Taylor, Bernd Homann, Fred Frith, Patricia Bardi and Ray Anderson.

Foto: Thomas Schmitz

She has played with "United Women's Orchestra", "Tuten & Blasen", "TäTäRä" and "Tonart-Ensemble". She played and composed music for children's theatre and dance theatre.
In her hometown near Hamburg she teaches violin and composition at "Musisches Forum Bargteheide". From 2004 she teaches music and music history for dancers in the Biodanza-Education Cologne. She also writes on music - for Northern German Radio Station (NDR) she creates broadcasts on jazz music.